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The BOX! Animation Production Studio Online.


Thank you for considering using The BOX! ONLINE in your classroom.

This course is designed to introduce K-12 grade teachers to the basic concepts and terminology of 2D animation as it is used in film and animation. It will also introduce how you can integrate art and social change if you’d like to get involved in community art-based projects. It is then our goal for teachers to pass on this knowledge and acquired skills to their students. Depending on how advanced students are, they could learn directly from this course alongside their teacher. Both teachers and students will have a better understanding of how animation is produced. It will also give students a foundation for future Animation Classes.

Take a sneak peak at what The BOX! ONLINE curriculum has to offer.


The BOX! is not just an educational program but a resource kit you can purchase. It contains all the necessary animation tools and supplies (minus the hardware) to start your own 2D Classical Animation Studio.  The BOX! also comes with sound cues, and easy to use PC/MAC animation software, allowing you to capture, composite, color and output your animated films, turning  any environment into an entirely self-sufficient animation studio!   

All the supplies in The BOX! are the very best quality money can buy so that your students can produce cool animations!

The BOX! can be set-up for 10, 20, 30 or 40 youth-participants.

The BOX! (RESOURCE KIT) Contents List:

• Plastic Peg Bars
Fine line pens
Non photo-blue colored pencils
Colored Pencils
Field Guides
The DISC! - MAC/PC Animation Software
Sound cues
Animation paper holed and punched

The BOX! Online Curriculum consists of:

Video Streaming — animation instructional video lessons (hands-on demonstrations)
Manual PDF Documents — Instructional animation manual for teacher/student (that works directly with the video animation lessons)

It is also suggested that all the lessons are reviewed as many times as necessary.  The idea is to backtrack so that no-one feels as if they are left out of the picture. Animation, although can be fun to produce, is also quite challenging. Therefore, a certain amount of patience is required while everyone climbs the learning curve. Coupled with encouragement, you will find this is a great way to build a collaborative production team.

An ideal media project is one where teacher and student become partners and learn collectively at the same time. Great partnerships are then fostered and important ideas are shaped.

We understand that it might be a difficult thing for a teacher to let go and not appear knowledgeable about everything, however, we ask your indulgence to give it a try!

We can almost guarantee that the rapport with students already built-up will only be strengthened by this. But remember, disseminate the animations that have been produced as this is a good opportunity to give your student filmmakers’ the meaningful recognition they probably deserve.

Original Content

AnimAction has been focusing on offering young people the opportunity to develop original content. There is no drag and drop with pre-designed characters or content. Every production is original and has been produced from scratch.

Because of this, the rewards are endless and a great amount of pride is derived from everyone in the team, including the teacher.

Please do not forget that AnimAction is there with you all the way so if you have a question about The BOX!, please pick up the phone or email us and we will make every effort to assist you with your needs as quickly as possible.

AnimAction grants you permission to photocopy or print The BOX! Manuals as many times as required specifically for working with The BOX! Animation Production Studio ONLY.

Thank you again for your confidence and openness to experiment with this fascinating medium — animation.

From all of us at AnimAction – Awareness Through Animation, enjoy thinking outside The BOX!

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