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About Us : What is AnimAction?

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has been working with youth media and the "DIY Youth Culture" globally for two decades. AnimAction gives young people the opportunity to experience the joys of collaboration and creativity through animation.

We have trained thousands of young people and teachers throughout the United States, Canada, the U.K., Europe, Africa and Asia.

Youth-produced animated PSAs from our workshops have been shown all over the world on Network TV, in movie theaters, schools, hospitals, and on Websites.

They have been award finalists in international animation festivals, competing side by side with industry leaders.

As part of UNICEF's International Animation Consortium for Child's Rights, our youth-producers work is distributed worldwide. Every year our audiences get larger.

AnimAction Workshops

In our traditional style and multimedia animation workshops students select a message they want to communicate. It might be about tobacco use prevention, alcohol abuse, drugs, domestic violence, teen pregnancies, cultural diversity, media literacy, or anything of importance to them and their communities.

Then they work together in teams to develop an animated PSA that delivers their powerful message.

In AnimAction workshops, youth create and produce animated Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

AnimAction programs work with children of all ages. Children as young as kindergarteners can successfully complete the program when it is geared to their interests and skills. Older children and teenagers thrive in the atmosphere of adventure and challenge as they learn new skills and see concrete fruits of their efforts in the form of animated and mixed media short films.

Premiere Screenings

When the youth-produced animated messages are ready for viewing, AnimAction holds a screening in the school or community. These Premiere Screenings are an important part of the Awareness Through Animation program. AnimAction works with the youth filmmakers to help them plan the program and introduce their own works in a professional style. The screenings create an opportunity for meaningful recognition from friends, family, teachers, and the general public and media representatives who attend. AnimAction can provide the necessary audiovisual equipment to any venue that has electric power.

AnimAction professionals:

• Come to your school or community
• Assist in shaping youth development
• Advise about curriculum integration (Sciences, Math, History, English, Language, Arts, and Social Studies and Health)
• Bring the materials, equipment and tools
• Conduct the youth animation workshop
• Train teachers/staff


• Work together in teams
• Brainstorm a message
• Create an animation to convey their message
• Construct visual connections with subjects of study

The final product is shown to parents and friends at school and in the community and may become a candidate for wider distribution.

AnimAction FilmMakers...

• Get involved in issues affecting their communities
• Learn how to work together as a team, meeting challenges, making deadlines and solving problems
• Acquire an understanding of the animation and media production process
• Exercise their creative talents
• Become media literate - able to think critically about how the media represents reality
• Develop effective ways to express their views and get messages across through the media
• Incorporate the project into service learning goals
• Get involved in youth development and advocacy
• Gain a sense of accomplishment that comes from creating a product
• Reap the rewards of meaningful recognition
• Take pride in their efforts and experience enhanced self esteem
• Have Fun!

Workshop Duration

Workshops can be conducted with flexible formats:
• 1-day intensive workshop
• 2-day intensive workshop
• Spanning a school semester
• After-school program
• According to a design that best suits any environment or school schedule

Flexible Programs

We like to think we are masters at meeting school and communities needs. Above all, we feel passionate about bringing the AnimAction experience to young students.
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