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About Us : History

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Clifford Cohen immigrates to Montreal from his native London, and begins looking for a way to use his extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of advertising and media to benefit young people. Working from an original concept he has been developing for some time, he begins putting together a program for youth that focuses on teaching animation skills, in a setting that encourages an awareness of their own community, art, and culture.

Cohen begins an extensive public relations effort to introduce his concept to the public, particularly those in the fields of education and social services. Canada's Solicitor General learns of the program and is impressed.

He provides funding for Awareness Through Animation workshops for young members of aboriginal communities in the hard-to-reach areas of Canada's northern territories. The program proves to be a great success. With this experience and the development efforts behind them, AnimAction establishes its Awareness Through Animation program.


It becomes apparent that expansion into the Los Angeles area is the next logical move. Armed with results from its first year and a half of operation, AnimAction moves to Los Angeles and is soon established as a well-respected organization, dedicated to providing youth with practical and effective life skills.


California voters passed Proposition 99, providing funds from tobacco taxes to promote the anti-smoking message through the media. The AnimAction - Awareness Through Animation program, which teaches youth how to create their own animated anti-smoking messages, becomes one of the first tobacco prevention programs to be funded by the state.


Cohen and his partners found AnimAction Studios Inc., a training facility for young artists, and develop the Bridges Training Program to train professionals in the field of animation and multimedia production.

Cohen's principal responsibilities continue to be development and promotion of his AnimAction - Awareness Through Animation program.

As media coverage increases, AnimAction - Awareness Through Animation workshops spread throughout the USA, and are established in Europe, including Cohen's native Britain. AnimAction receives a grant from the California Department of Education to work with the University of California at Riverside to implement and evaluate the Awareness Through Animation program in several venues.


When the partners in AnimAction Studios part amicably in 1996, Cohen now has the freedom to concentrate on his dream. He throws his considerable energies into intensively expanding and marketing AnimAction - Awareness Through Animation.

During this period of growth and change many of Cohen's plans and concepts begin coming to fruition, including:

• AnimAction - Awareness Through Animation student-produced public service announcements are accepted by major networks and broadcast nationwide in the States.

• AnimAction starts its After-School-Program to direct the energies and creativity of young people into constructive activities when their school day is over.

• AnimAction is invited to present its Awareness Through Animation workshops at several high-profile international conferences.

• As school districts, communities and organizations hear about the Awareness Through Animation programs, they begin contacting AnimAction and requesting information about participating in the programs.

The AnimAction Center for Kids, located at the historic intersection of Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood, is established. The Center conducts Awareness Through Animation programs in-house, and administers outreach programs to schools and communities. Dedicated animation artists work closely with students and the directors who oversee the workshop programs.

AnimAction - Awareness Through Animation owes it success to the dedication and consistency of its founder, Clifford Cohen, has demonstrated since its inception.

Never has Cohen ceased to believe in, or waiver from, his mission to work with global communities, teach media education, develop young talent, and address important social issues.
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